Parent Contribution

The Department of Education provides funding to our School Council to cover the minimum cost of compulsory courses. Our educational program provides much more than the minimum required. Our students are being prepared for a very competitive world where they must achieve to their highest potential.

Parent Voluntary Contribution

The contribution is set at $200 per year. This equates to be approximately $1.00 per student per school day. If you are having trouble meeting this cost there is the option to pay fortnightly, per term or per semester. The school would be happy to work with you to set up automatic deductions from your account.

These contributions assist with the following projects:-

  • The ongoing provision of state of the art information technology;
  • Maintaining the resources for the library including books, dictionaries and reading sets;
  • Replacing and updating sports equipment;
  • Providing student school representative uniforms for external sporting and academic events;
  • Funding student events, e.g. Harmony Day, DMS Academic Awards evening, whole school Athletics Carnival etc.

Arts & Technology Subjects

Once the school year has commenced, students will participate in Arts and Technology subjects. At that time we will ask for a voluntary contribution to cover the materials used to allow us to provide the very best educational and learning opportunities possible.

We urge you to consider paying the contribution to ensure the best education possible for our children. If you have already made a contribution, thank you and please disregard this request.