Dripstone Middle School has implemented the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support (SWPBS) Program. This framework reflects a learning environment that is focused on creating positive relationships that promote student engagement. As part of this process, the School has reinforced the use of our traditional School logo of Aquila. The acronym SOAR was developed by staff and students to symbolise that our School is an environment where all students can succeed.

The letters in SOAR stand for:

Safety: looking after yourself, others and property by making the right decisions.

Ownership: taking responsibility for all your choices and actions.

Achievement: working to your full potential in every possible way

R Respect: showing consideration for all people’s rights, cultures and individual needs.

These are values and characteristics that are taught and modelled by our staff. All staff are encouraged to acknowledge students both in and out of the classroom. These take the form of ‘Good On You Awards’, Merit Awards, and gift voucher draws, as well as Principal’s Postcards sent home to parents of students who have displayed good behaviour.