Students in Year 7 are making the first of two transitions they experience during the middle phase of learning. The Year 7 program caters for both the welfare and academic needs of the students in a variety of ways. Students' academic requirements are met in the core subjects of English, Maths, Science and Humanities incorporating History and Geography. Also, Year 7 students complete eight electives over the year in preparation for Years 8 and 9 where they begin to choose their own elective pathway. Welfare requirements are coordinated by the Year Level Coordinator and managed in a lesson called "Personal Learning" which occurs once a week. There are regular assemblies where the students are kept informed of housekeeping matters specific to Year 7.

Year 7 - programs offered at Dripstone will include:

Core Program: English, Maths and Science, Geography and History.

Electives: access to a range of electives including Languages (Indonesian, and Japanese), Music, Food Technology, Drama, Dance, Art, Judo, and Physical Education.