Judo is among the most widely practiced Olympic and Paralympic sports in the world. As a martial art, judo was created in 1882 by Dr. Jigoro Kano, a small and frail person who was tired of many combative arts relying on strength, thus he created judo based around the principle of ‘maximum efficiency with minimum effort’. This meant that even the smallest of participants could strive to achieve within the sport. Judo’s holistic approach makes it perfectly suited for teaching in the modern day school, with a focus on improving oneself physically, mentally and morally. In this grappling based sport balance, flexibility, posture and co-ordination all play a part and can be vastly improved regardless of the students initial ability.

Dripstone Middle School is leading the way in teaching Judo in schools. At school students learn throwing and hold down techniques in a safe and positive environment with a highly qualified subject specific teacher. We strive to introduce students to the world of Judo at all levels by hosting a variety of individuals who have achieved at international level and by providing a functional program with various pathways for students.