The Department of Education provides funding to our School Council to cover the minimum cost of compulsory courses. Our educational program provides much more than the minimum required. Our students are being prepared for a very competitive world where they must achieve to their highest potential.

Parent Voluntary Contribution

The contribution is set at $100 per family per year for one child – which equates to 4 x equal payments of $25 per term. Or if you have more than one child at the school the contribution is $160 per family per year – which equates to 4 x equal payments of $40 per term.

In 2024, these contributions will be used to fund more tech equipment for our students in our newly-built STEAM Centre. This equipment will be used across various subjects and year levels to enrich and enhance their learning in this digital technological age. We are aiming to reach a target of $20,000 in 2024.

The school office is able to take contributions of cash, EFTPOS or process a credit card payment at any time.

The School Council thanks you for your consideration. We will let families know how we are going with our target in the school newsletters and communication channels.