The Dripstone School Council is the governing body that works in partnership with the principal and school staff to achieve the best outcomes for all students attending Dripstone Middle School

School Council is a dynamic and exciting way for parents/ guardians to be actively involved in supporting the school vision to be ‘the school of choice’.


Our School Council is made up of nine parents, three teachers, the principal, current students and invited members from the community.

Dripstone School Council 2020

The school council elected at the Council Annual General Meeting in February 2020 were:

Parent Representatives School Representatives Invited Member
1. Shani Carson – Chairperson
2. Cindy Kenny – Secretary
3. George Koulakis – Treasurer
4. Kate McMaster
5. Elizabeth Finteln
6. Cathy Malla
7. Aaron McMaster
Robyn Thorpe
Nektaria Pikoulos
Amit Kundu
Jo Cochrane
Ms Lauren Moss MLA

Dripstone School Council 2019

The school council elected at the Council Annual General Meeting in February 2019 were:

Parent RepresentativesSchool RepresentativesInvited Member
Shani Carson – Chairperson
Cindy Kenny – Secretary
George Koulakis – Treasurer Kate McMaster
Elizabeth Finteln
Robyn Thorpe
Nektaria Pikoulos
Amit Kundu
Jo Cochrane
Ms Lauren Moss MLA


Dripstone Middle School Council meetings are held at least twice per term (8 times per year) on the third Wednesday of each month from 5:30-7:00PM.

The 2020 Annual General Meeting will be held on 19 February.  General meetings have been scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month with the exception of April, July and December.

All parents can attend a meeting as a guest. Guests can contribute, advise and engage in discussion at meetings however, only elected members may vote. Each elected member has one vote on any decision to be made by School Council.  Most meetings are open to the school community, however at times confidential and sensitive matters will be discussed and the meeting will be closed.


School Council has a role as a governing body that oversees the management of the school. Council matters include: finance, buildings and grounds, canteen, educational needs of school community.

School Council entrusts the daily operations and management of the school to the Principal and school leadership team.

Individual matters for children and staff should be addressed in a private appointment with the Principal or relevant teacher for a timely and informed resolution.

Get involved

The School Council recognises that the most responsive and exciting school councils have parents/guardians members that are drawn from diverse groups that reflect our school community population.

We are always looking for new parents to get involved in our wonderful school to support our students to achieve their best.

If you are unable to commit to becoming a School Council Member but would like to get involved in a less formal way, we value your input in other ways. Please contact us or speak with the school to see how you can help.