We take great pride in welcoming you to Dripstone Middle School. We aim to build a positive learning community where all students and staff are valued, treated respectfully and provided the support they require to engage, grow and achieve the best possible results.

Dripstone Middle School takes pride in catering for the wellbeing and learning needs of every student by building strong relationships and a sense of belonging. We engage students in rich learning experiences to ensure every student is given the best support to achieve success.

as a ‘community of achievers’ our students have demonstrated national recognition through academic, artistic, musical, sporting, leadership and community achievements.

Our committed and dedicated staff work collaboratively to achieve the School’s Vision, Mission and school goals.   This is achieved through a collaborative inquiry mindset to make ongoing improvements to the way we work. We work closely in partnership with our school community to obtain the best possible results for all students.

Dripstone Middle School is a wonderful place to be and we welcome all students and their families.

Nektaria Pikoulos